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Speakers of Europe – training course


Speakers of Europe

In last December, a training course named Speakers of Europe was developed in Palermo. It dealt with European citizenship and its promotion through social media.

The participants firstly analyzed European issues and citizenship at institutional and personal level. Specific techniques of communication through social media were then presented, as well as the most accurate tools for conceiving and launching campaigns. With this double input, youth/social workers, IT and community managers were asked to shape a voting campaign.

For the next Parliamentary elections (22-25 May 2014), abstention will be a critical threat. This is why the Speakers of Europe participants have built an online toolbox for anyone wishing to promote European civic responsibility, or any issues regarding voting or citizenship. This multiplying effect is an essential part of the project, and we want to encourage anyone to find out there: inspiration, ideas, good practices, practical tools, knowledge, information, motivation…

The success of this tool will be its audience. So please… share it as much as you can, and do like our Facebook page to stay in touch with us!



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The Speakers Team

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